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Features of our messaging platform

We built a range of features for SMS, MMS, and Mobile Landing Pages to help you engage with your audience in a trackable way.

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Ways to reach your audience

Our products are feature-rich and created with businesses in mind,from the simple SMS to the tailored mobile landing page to the eye-catching multimedia message.


Send simple yet effective text messages

Get impactful messages to your contacts in real-time to achieve valuable business outcomes. Have one-on-one conversations or send thousands of notifications at once via SMS gateway.

Mobile Landing Page

Build custom, rich landing pages

Deliver greater customer experience and more conversions by sending personalized mobile landing pages with trackable links. Use our ready-made templates and add in your branding; no web developers or expensive hosting required.

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Add imagery to your messages

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) lets you add GIFs, images, or branding to increase engagement significantly. Send information in an eye-catching way without having to worry about 160 character limits.


An extensive range of features

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Mobile landing pages
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Portal & API

The essentials

Automated replies

Send auto-replies to your inbound messages. Configure different responses based on keyword triggers.

Bulk SMS

Send a million messages at once. Upload a list of recipients to our portal and broadcast SMS marketing campaigns.

Dedicated numbers

Foster trust and consistency by using a single mobile number for all your messages.

Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS via e-mail, so you can continue texting recipients or groups from wherever you are

SMS personalisation

Customize your messages for a friendlier effect using mail merge style with multiple fields

Two-way SMS

Send and receive messages globally. Receive replies to your real-time inbox in our web portal or via an API.


View inbound text messages and reply directly from our real-time web-based inbox, also known as The Hub.

Trackable links

Shorten your URLs to 22 characters and track every interaction by recipient with our automatic link shortener.

Alpha tags

Send your messages from a custom alphanumeric business name that your audience instantly recognises.

Use mobile number

Add your mobile number to our portal as the sender ID. Receive replies on your personal

Global reach

Send international SMS to anyone; Hotcrm is connected with global carriers around the world.

Schedule messaging

Schedule your message for optimal timing to reach your audience directly.


Features that take your messaging to the next level

Social sending

Avoid disturbing customers out-of-hours by limiting messaging to 8 am to 6 pm (or set your own hours).


Receive real-time notifications of messaging events that occur on the Hotcrm platform.


Text-to-voice automatically converts text messages into speech for landlines, so your audience gets the message.

Sub accounts

Organise your users — or application usage — into subaccounts to manage multiple teams or applications at once.

Contact management

Bulk upload your contacts and divide them into custom groups. Sync your contacts with sub-accounts.

Unicode character converter

Let us know if you wish to turn on transliteration so you're not billed for accidental unicode characters or emojis.


Add data to messages that can be interpreted and processed to reveal more information about the message.


Let us know if you'd like us to block duplicate (exact match) messages sent within a 24-hour window.

Delivery receipts

Get free delivery receipts so you know when your message made it to the handset, or if a number is invalid or disconnected.

Enterprise webhooks

Ensure you're receiving real-time information from verified sources and protect your system from unwanted data.

Familiar sender

Have all of your messages – as well as your replies to your customers – appear from the same "familiar" phone number.

Long messages

Write long text messages (above 160 characters) and receive a credit cost estimate before you hit send.


Features that give expert-level control

Import contacts

Import your contact list seamlessly in seconds, with added details like names, emails, and custom fields.

Call forwarding

Upgrade your dedicated number so customers have the option to call you. Forward incoming calls to any number you choose.

Customisable templates

Save time by writing your message once, saving, and then re-using it as often as you need. Set limits on who can edit.

Multi-user privileges

Assign administrators, advanced users, or basic users to control who can make certain changes in your account.

Unsubscribe links

Stay spam compliant — even if sending SMS from an alpha tag — and include a short unsubscribe link.

Custom fields

Add custom data fields to your contacts, so you can merge multiple fields into your message template.

Activity log

See which team member has logged in, uploaded contacts, added services, or sent an SMS campaign.

Customer segmentation

Tag contacts, group them, and achieve precise control and segmentation

Message notifications

Enable notifications via email or text so you are alerted when you receive a new message in your inbox

Configurable SMS limits

Set daily or monthly SMS credit limits for your account, or a sub account, to manage your spending.

Two-factor authentication

Set up secure log on by having a code sent by text message, helping to ensure your messages are kept safe.

Desktop alerts

Activate desktop notifications to receive audible alerts whenever a new message arrives in your inbox.s

Our customers get results

We have seen businesses achieve significant improvements by sending SMS and rich messages in a streamlined and cost-effective way

Hotcrm The-Athletes-Foot-logo-grey

The Athletes Foot increased click-through rate 550% by using Mobile Landing Pages.

The Athelete Foot
Hotcrm logo_Vinomofo

Popular online retailer, Vinomofo, returned 120x ROI by integrating SMS to send promotions

Hotcrm Rona-Scrubs

Non-profit Rona Scrubs boosted response rates 400% by switching from email to SMS.

Rona Scrubs

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