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Expand your reach with our SMS service.

Send and receive text messages online using our powerful SMS API. Your business can quickly and easily engage with customers, leads, and staff via their mobile devices..

Messaging Uses

Ways to use our text messaging service

Choose a sending method that suits the needs of your business — no matter how big or small. Get your texts across on time every time.


Manage your inbox, import contact lists, create templates and set auto-replies from our online platform.

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Email to SMS

Integrate SMS into your existing software to send text messages using the tools .

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See how it works

Two-way messaging is a powerful way to get in touch. Watch our video to find out how it can help your business


Messages Sent


Text Messages


Customers Enjoying Services
Marketing Campaigns

Send SMS campaigns to share special offers, in-stock updates, new product launches and more.

Appointment Reminders

Save time and reduce no-shows by texting appointment reminders and confirmations.

Customer Support Marketing

Get back to customers quickly and efficiently by engaging them in two-way SMS conversations.

Billing and payments

Automatically remind customers of upcoming and overdue payments to get paid on time.

Use Cases

Popular SMS use cases

Text messaging is an effective tool for many industries to reach their audience in an engaging and timely way.

SMS Features

Popular SMS features

We make it easy for businesses to get sending in a simple, secure, and streamlined way by setting you up with the right solutions.

Automated replies
Mass text messaging
Dedicated phone numbers
Short trackable links
Template library
Personalisation(merge fields)
Scheduled messages
Contact management
Analytics and reporting
Unsubscribe links
Two-factor authentication
Single sign-on (SSO)
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Integrate SMS into your HubSpot CRM to send SMS messages to engage leads, send meeting reminders, and automate follow up processes to help increase conversions. Send personalized marketing campaigns — promotional SMS have an average of 23% conversion rate!


Zapier is an integrations tool that connects Hotcrm to over 2000 applications to send or receive automated SMS. The workflow for building Zaps is simple; you choose a trigger, like receiving an email in Gmail, then choose an action, such as sending an SMS notification.


Deliver real-time conversations and large campaigns via two-way messaging without leaving the NetSuite platform. Send to a single recipient or to a list. Use pre-built message templates, or use NetSuite workflows to trigger SMS messages.


Add SMS to Shopify to put your store at your customers’ fingertips and never miss the opportunity to cut through again! Recover abandoned carts with time-limited checkout discounts and win back more customers with personalized broadcasts.


Mercury SMS provides Salesforce users the ability to send individual or bulk SMS messages to Leads and Contacts. Construct your messages ad-hoc, or select a template with personalized fields. You can even set up automatic messages, such as a welcome text to new leads.

Adobe Compaign

Our Adobe Campaign integration is a marketing automation tool designed to deliver personalized campaigns through multiple channels. Combining email and SMS, marketing and sales teams can create richer customer journeys.

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Success stories.

Our customers have saved time, boosted their app, and reached larger audiences by adding SMS as a communication channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are partnered with over 85 integrations so that you can send SMS from a tool you are already comfortable using. Some of our popular SMS integrations are HubSpot, Shopify, Salesforce, and Netsuite. Explore our integrations marketplace.

We have different Sender ID options to suit your needs. We’ll set you up with a dedicated number, which allows you to send and receive text messages. You can also send from an alpha tag (up to 11 numbers and letters) to help customers recognise you. Learn how to choose a sender ID.

A standard SMS credit is 160 characters, including spaces. An emoji counts as two characters. If your message contains Unicode or emoji, the character limit drops from 160 down to 70 characters. For more on this, check out our infographic.

When you sign up for a free trial, you’ll be able to log in to our online messaging hub to explore the inbox, features, automations, templates and more. You’ll also get 25 SMS credits to try sending and receiving text messages yourself.

We offer a range of pricing plans, including Basics, Conversations, and Pro. If you need to send high volumes, ask us about advanced or custom plans. Our SMS experts will help you find the best option for your business.

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Austin Health

Very easy to use. This web-based Hotcrm application keeps messages well organised and easy to access. Copies are sent to my email so I don't miss anything when I'm not logged in

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