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Outbound Call Center Solutions

With a powerful outbound call center, you can increase sales, perform market research, survey your customers and much more..

Hotcrm inbound

Better Results At Debt Collection With Hotcrm

For law firms, communication with customers is crucial to their business because of the sensitivity of the issues discussed. Learn more about how Hotcrm collaborated with a law firm to build the safest, smoothest and most problem-free call center. The firm saw their revenue go up by 35% in some segments.

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24x Better Sales Performance At Volvo With Hotcrm

Did you know that it takes on average only 1 hour for a potential automobile buyer to go cold? In a digital world, prospects reach companies centrally through their website, forms, emails, but the automotive world depends on local dealers who can showcase the products physically to its customers.

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Why is HotcrmOne Of The Best Systems For Outbound Dialing?

We offer features that help agents make calls faster and communicate with customers more effectively. Here’s a quick overview of our outbound features

Predictive Dialing Features

Dial multiple numbers per agent based on the pick-up rate, so you can avoid wasting time on unanswered calls.

Inbound & Outbound Blended Calling

Incoming calls are slow? Direct agents to make outbound calls during downtime.

Priority Preview Dialing

Agents can preview the details of the next call, so they can personalise their approach.

Progressive Dialing

Increase Operations Efficiency. Make it simple and easy to dial one number per agent.


Power Dialer VS Predictive Dialer

Choosing the right dialer for your campaign is critical to its success. That’s why we have multiple types of dialers, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Automatically selects and dials the next number in the queue after a call. Saves agents from having to check back on their contact list and dial the number manually.

Calls the next number AFTER the call ends.

The power dialer allows the agent to have highly personalized conversations and take notes in between each call.(For example, voter outreach, sales or fundraising campaigns.)

It’s the better choice when you are prioritizing customer experience.

Calls a list of numbers and connects only live calls to the agents. It will detect answering machines and automatically drop a voicemail message.

Calls the next number BEFORE the call ends.

The predictive dialer is better when the agents are reaching out to a large database and they don’t have to personalize the call very much. (E.G. conducting a survey.)

It’s the better choice when you are prioritizing agent’s time and productivity.

Only connects agents to calls answered by a live person. It will automatically pace out dialing based on connection and abandonment rate.

Calls the next number ONLY when an agent becomes available.

Removes wait time and can increase productivity significantly.

It’s the better choice when calls are very similar in nature and agents benefit from hopping from one call to the next.

Allows your agents to see the next call in the list. It’s up to them to make the call, or skip it.

Calls the next number ONLY when the agent chooses.

The system will also display any notes associated with the number, so the agent can be aware of who they are calling.

It’s the better choice for complex sales where some research is required between calls to increase the chances of success.


Agentless And Smart Campaigns

We offer both agentless and smart campaigns, to help you fully optimize your outbound call center operations.

Make calls, even without a customer representative.

Reach more customers while reducing your workload and increasing efficiency.

Program in full IVR automation with prompts and multi-layered scripts.

Create automatic satisfaction-survey calls for your customers after the service you provide.

Make announcements for your customers, share information and create reminders.

Improve the quality of your customer experience with Speech Recognition Technology.

Transcribe speech accurately using an API to provide better customer experiences with voice commands.

Speech Synthesis (Text to Speech) can provide a natural customer service experience without having to record individual voices for each statement.


Calling Center Operations Features

CRM Integration

Elevate Contact Center Functionality: Dashboard Access, History Tracking, Efficient Lead Management

Help Desk Integration

Integrate into your web-based help desk tools, so your agents can focus more on their conversations and work more efficiently.

Scheduled Callback

Automatically call back missed calls to improve close rate, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Experience

Interact with your customers via multiple channels, including Whatsapp, live chat, mobile app and phone calls.

Sales Evaluations

Listen to call audio recordings with one click, for easier sales team evaluations.

Outbound Call Support

Helps and guides your agents in communicating with the customer, to improve and standardise the interaction.

Hotcrm Outbound-cloud

Increase Your Pickup Rates With Cloud FCT

With Cloud FCT (fixed-cellular-terminal) your business can use multiple mobile phone numbers when calling your customers. This increases the chances that customers will pick up the phone, rather than assuming your call is spam.

On-premise FCT’s used to be expensive, bulky machines with way too many cables, but those days are long gone!

We offer Cloud FCT, a powerful software running on our end. You’ll benefit from the increased pickup rates, without needing to give up any office space!


Our Outbound Functions Benefit All Sectors


Customer left your website with something in their cart? Add their number automatically to a dialer list and connect them to an agent only when the call is picked up.


Hotcrmmakes it simple to manage outsourced sales teams. Thanks to our predictive dialers and IVR dialers, agents can automate outgoing calls and use their time more effectively.

And More!

Hotcrmimproves efficiency for call center operations in any sector by saving agents time and giving them owerful tools.

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