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Empowering customers with intuitive and easy self-service

Drive your own messaging campaigns on our SMS web portal that is available 24/7, with great support available as required.

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Customise your messages for a unique customer experience.


Intuitive, user-friendly interface with powerful features.


Easy access to delivery reports or account and billing information.

Chatbox to SMS

Why choose Chatbox to SMS?

Through the power of text messaging, Chatbox to SMS helps you quickly resolve customer enquiries and win new business — without the disconnection risk.

Web messaging

Effortlessly reach out to individuals or large audiences using our user-friendly web portal. With just a few clicks, you can send SMS or MMS messages to one or millions of recipients. Choose to send messages instantly or schedule them for later delivery. Whether you prefer to send all messages at once or trickle them over a specified time period, our platform provides the flexibility to cater to your specific needs. Make your messaging campaigns efficient, timely, and impactful with our powerful tools.

Two-way messaging

Engage in continuous conversations with your customers through our user-friendly conversational inbox. Manage all communications efficiently in one place, ensuring a personalized and responsive experience for your valued clients. Strengthen your customer relationships and provide exceptional support with ease.

Bulk messaging

No matter the scale of your SMS needs, our infrastructure grows seamlessly alongside your business communications. Importing CSV data and columns to template fields is a breeze, enabling you to send a single SMS or a million messages with equal ease. Empower your messaging campaigns with our lexible and scalable platform, making your communication efforts efficient and effective.

Contact management

With our user-friendly system, importing and adding important details to contacts is a simple task. Personalize each message effortlessly using merge fields that pull data from the contact information. Whether it's names, locations, or any other relevant data, you can dynamically customize your messages to create a more engaging and tailored communication experience for your recipients. Make every interaction meaningful and impactful with our powerful merge field capabilities.

Email to SMS

Setting up your email addresses and domains to send SMS is a breeze with our platform. The process is simple and familiar – you can use your existing email client to send SMS effortlessly. No need to learn a new interface or system. Just compose an email as you normally would, and our system will automatically convert and deliver it as an SMS to your recipients. Experience the convenience of integrating SMS into your existing email workflow with ease.

Rich reporting

Get a comprehensive understanding of your SMS activities with our intuitive reporting system. Gain a quick overview of your messaging performance, and for a more in-depth analysis, dive into our powerful reporting features. Our rich reports provide valuable insights, showcasing usage reporting, delivery status updates, and detailed subaccount usage reports. With this data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions, optimize your messaging strategy, and ensure successful communication with your audience.


Web portal features

Email to SMS

Send messages via your existing email program, such as Outlook, Gmail or Office365, with no need for additional software

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Contact management

Easily import and add important details to contact information, manage individuals and groups as required.

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Reporting and analytics

With detailed reporting tools, you can track, trace and thread all your messages and replies.

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The easiest way to send engaging messages to your customers

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