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Number Masking

Minimize the risks by increasing the security for customers with Hotcrm 's Call Masking property!

Hotcrm Technology provides highly safe call center experiences its Call Masking property.

Hotcrm CCS-Number-Masking

Everything Is for Security

With the call masking property of Hotcrm , you can protect the privacy of your customers and call center operation staff. You can minimize the privacy concerns of your customers with call masking and provide a secure call center experience. You can ensure a call between your customer and mediator companies doesn’t mean sharing phone numbers, you can do this by only showing the last digits of the numbers or via your call center number. Make the call between your call center representatives and customers safer with call making property.

Hotcrm Number-Mask
Hotcrm gdpr-first

GDPR First!

Due to Personal Data Protection Law, mediator companies and your customers must not share their numbers. Hotcrm Call Masking Property gathers your customers and mediator company on a single call after verifying the individuals.

Quality All the Time!

With Hotcrm ’s Call Masking property, you can record the calls between your customers and mediators. The voice records of the calls with call masking property are stored on the system. You can access the detailed information of the calls with Hotcrm Technology, report them and assess call quality.

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Number Masking with Mobile App

With Hotcrm Predictive Dialer property, you can monitor the call-back requests by your customers.

With Hotcrm Call Masking property, you can keep the numbers of your customers, customer representatives or field employees private. If your customer representatives need to work outside of the office due to reasons such as the pandemic, you can enable them to use the system on Hotcrm ’s Mobile Application and continue your calls with your customers anonymously.

Single Number

There might be cases that require direct communication between your customers and the individuals who conduct your operations in mediator companies such as shipment companies. In these cases, you can sustain your calls on a single number. The phone numbers of both sides will be hidden with Hotcrm Call Masking property and the call will be completed with your call center number. You can make secure calls by protecting the privacy of your customers and operation staff and increase customer satisfaction.

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Single Voice Record, Independent Management

In Call Masking property created for your and your customer’s security, we combine two numbers on a single number and keep the voice record as a single record. We offer these settings regardless of queue/keying/location differences. Thus, we prevent any confusion and help you to keep your call center working at top quality.

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