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Email to SMS

Email to SMS Communicate with customers, staff and communities promptly and efficiently – while you are on the go!

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1:1 or group communication

Message a handful of contacts or send to a group by assigning your chosen email account.

Use existing toolset

Hotcrm integrates into your existing email service via our SMS API, so you won’t need to download new software.

Fluid two-way conversation

Receive SMS replies directly to your email inbox without needing to log into our portal.

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How email to SMS can help your business

Sending text messages via your email will simplify communication with your customers. You can use your existing email service. Send an email to us, and we’ll convert it to a text message and send it to your customer..

Works with any email service

If you’re on the go, send and receive SMS via your email wherever you are. It will work with any standard email service: Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft 365, etc.

Integrates with third party tools

Easily integrate with systems that send email alerts. Send alerts as SMS messages to your staff or key stakeholders quickly and without additional software.

Control what you send

Choose your message limit, truncate email signatures or disclaimers that you don’t want to send. Have the ability to include or exclude subject lines to keep your SMS characters within limit.


Web portal features

We have been providing SMS solutions for 20 years. SMS will take your marketing initiatives and customer support to the next level.

Alerts & notifications

Send bulk SMS to keep people up-to-date and informed when it matters most.

SMS for IT notifications

Keep everyone informed on the status of critical IT services, issues, and updates when you use SMS to stay in touch.

Customer support communication

Enhance your end-to-end customer experience with SMS conversational messaging.


Easily send shift reminders, notifications and confirmations to your staff straight from your email and within minutes.

Boost your business

When you’re on the go and don’t have time to get onto the portal or need to distribute the power of this channel among a larger team or organisation, an email to SMS service can provide a simple, time-saving solution for your communications.

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Get started in just 3 steps

Sending a single message or an SMS broadcast is simple when using our cloud based SMS portal. Get 24/7 premium support from our local Australia based team.

Create an account with Hotcrm

Create an account in seconds. Add your team, and configure your methods of sending SMS such as API keys and get started with email to SMS. Organise sub-accounts to reflect your teams.

Start sending

Compose your text messages, upload or copy/paste your contact numbers and send, and continue the conversation from your email inbox.

Report on engagement

Get detailed reporting on the delivery of messages and opt out rates. Highlight who engaged with your messages and get an overview of the success of your campaign.

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Contact management

Easily import and add important details to contact information.

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SMS personalisation

Personalise your messages to customers for a friendlier impression.

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Reporting and analytics

With detailed reporting tools, you can track, trace and thread all your messages.

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Schedule your message and our SMS platform will deliver it at the selected time.

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Social sending

Avoid accidentally disturbing customers out of hours and limit messaging.

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SMS templates

Save time by writing your message once, saving, and then re-using it.

The easiest way to send engaging messages to your customers

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