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Distribute incoming calls quickly and efficiently using Automatic Call Distribution, guided by predetermined workflows and self-service options.

Hotcrm 's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system, with advanced capabilities, helps distribute incoming calls based on determined workflows and self-service to customer representatives.

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Hotcrm acd

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution enables distributing incoming calls in the fastest and most suitable way according to determined workflows and self-service. With Hotcrm Technology, incoming calls are distributed to customer representatives with the support of a smart algorithm.

You can distribute the incoming call randomly, sequentially or based on talent. Make sure to route your customers to the most accurate customer representative with Hotcrm advanced ACD capabilities.

Smart Call Distribution

With smart call distribution, you can distribute the calls for talent or to customer representatives who have not recently had a call, creating the most efficient workflow.

You can distribute the incoming calls from customers to the customer representative sequence you have determined and route them to the right representative.

Instead of routing the incoming call to a representative who have just completed a call, you can route the call to a representative who have not had a call for a longer time with Hotcrm System.

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Manageable Customer Services

You can organize your call center operation flow by routing based on customer representative talents.

This You can divide the call flow into categories based on different talents and demand such as English fluency, support, sales, taking information or shipment tracking and effectively guide the sub-divisions with Hotcrm smart call distribution algorithms.

More Efficient Customer Experience

Your customers will have clearer and more efficient communication with a customer representative when they are routed for a related category. With Hotcrm ACD Technology, your customers will be routed to suitable menus and find solutions easier.

While you can make your operation more efficient with ACD, you can also offer a better call center experience to your customers.

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Customized Experience

You can also easily manage VIP customers, emergencies, or workflows in different locations. With talent and demand categories, Hotcrm ACD Technology enables you to offer a customized call experience to your customers.

You can improve the speed of your customers contacting you and increase customer satisfaction with special scenarios such as special customers, emergencies, call-back requests and sales opportunities.

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