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Chat with your customers in the channel they love.

Easily send and receive text messages, and keep track of your conversations. All in one place.

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Put a smile on customers’ dials.

Get back to customers quickly using a familiar mobile number, which they can save to easily reach you next time.

Stay on top of every conversation.

With the shared inbox, your team can track and respond to customer conversations and urgent inquiries.

Lighten your team’s load.

Save time by setting up keyword-based rules to trigger automated replies, and use templates for quick and easy responses.

How Two-Way-SMS

Two-way SMS

Two-way SMS builds stronger customer connections. Here’s how.

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Chat in the moment that matters.

Your customers don’t want to wait around for an answer. With automated responses, rules, and templates, you can respond in an instant (and keep everyone happy).

Make it part of the bigger picture.

Create connected conversations by seamlessly integrating two-way SMS with your favourite platforms, or use our messaging inbox. Too easy.

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Keep every convo super-secure

Have your two-way text chats from a secure, reliable, and airtight gateway. It means your customers’ data stays safe. And it means you stress less.

Want to see for yourself?

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Try two-way texting your customers with all this.

Customer support

Have two-way conversations with customers over SMS to sort their issue out, fast.

Appointment reminders

Say goodbye to no-shows by automatically texting your clients confirmation prompts.

SMS surveys

Find out what your customers really think with short and snappy surveys about their experience with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

In Australia, we recommend you sign up for a dedicated phone number to send and receive texts. In the US, you can use toll-free numbers, 10-digit long codes, and short codes. An SMS alpha tag won’t cut it — your customers can’t reply to one of these.

For sure. It’s easy to integrate our text messaging service into the tools you already use, like HubSpot and Shopify. Learn more in our integrations marketplace.

It’s the million-dollar question (not really … it’s only a fraction of that). For the low-down on costs, visit our pricing page.

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