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Predictive Dialer

Increase the operational efficiency with Hotcrm Predictive Dialer property!

Hotcrm Predictive Dialer property helps making automatic calls for planned contact lists quickly and efficiently.

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Increase Your Operation Efficiency with Automatic Call

You can create automatic calls for specific contact lists with Hotcrm Predictive Dialer property. With prediction-based mathematical algorithms, Hotcrm prevents your customer representatives from losing time on unanswered or bust calls. Your customer representatives can handle calls answered by the customers. Hotcrm Predictive Dialer starts the calls when the customer representative is available and accelerates/decelerates list call speed. You can repeat the call or remove the number from the list for unsuccessful calls.

Increased Operational Efficiency

With Hotcrm Predictive Dialer property, you can increase the number of customer representative efficiency compared to manual calling.

You can save time and decrease your workload for your call center operations.

For example, when you want to inform your customers about a campaign, the customer representative can make automatic calls and inform the customers fast.

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Options to Load Different Lists

With Hotcrm Technology, you can upload the calling list in CSV format or import from your existing CRM software with an API.

You can rapidly import the lists on your existing CRM and easily reach customers in different categories. You can automate your missed calls with the dialer property of Hotcrm Technology and create different lists for these calls.

You can automatically call your customers for different topics with different lists and different call rules.

Automatic Call Management

You can customize call rules for your lists with Hotcrm . You can set how many times and how frequent you will call unanswered numbers and organize your call targets accordingly.

You can monitor the call efficiency from Hotcrm 's live monitoring screen.

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Call-Back Request Management

With Hotcrm Predictive Dialer property, you can monitor the call-back requests by your customers.

The call-back requests from your customers are added to your automatic call plan and your customer representatives will automatically get back to the requests when they are available for a call.

Thus, you can increase your customer satisfaction and monitor the call-back details. You can add your missed calls to the automatic call scenarios you have created and provide faster call-backs to your customers by decreasing the chance of human error.


With Hotcrm Technology, you can monitor your automatic calls live and instantly intervene when necessary.

You can create reports when automatic calls are completed. You can measure the efficiency of the reports and identify the things you need to do to improve.

You can automatically export these reports to your existing CRM and easily monitor the reports on CRM.

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